FACRAO has established advanced track curriculum for experienced enrollment management/service officers. These sessions are designed specifically to address the needs of our senior professionals who require a more substantive selection of sessions dealing with complex issues. This institute is designed for and delivered as a companion option to the annual state meeting. 

FISEM Online Application

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FISEM Benefits

A Registered Enrollment Professional (REP) enjoys the professional development advantages of completing an approved advanced SEM curriculum. Other benefits include:

  • FACRAO endorsement of SEM curriculum
  • REP Certificate
  • FACRAO web site listing as a REP
  • Conference Graduation/Recognition
  • Nametag Distinction
  • FACRAO letter of completion sent to the REP’s institution’s president
  • Optional On-line resume

REP Program Entrance Qualifications

To attend this professional development program, participants must satisfy four criteria or be exempted because of special circumstances:

  • Position of rank: VP, Dean, Registrar, Director, Associate, Assistant, or Coordinator OR have 5 or more years of experience in the field(s) of Admissions, Recruitment, or Registrar/Records
  • Minimum of a BA or BS from a SACS or other Regional accredited institution
  • Employed by a FACRAO member institution
  • Institution must be in good standing with FACRAO regarding dues and accreditation

Certificate/Program Requirements

To complete the REP program and receive the REP Institute Certificate, the following is required:

  • Application with resume/vita accepted by the FISEM Director
  • Payment of FISEM registration fee at two annual conferences
  • Attendance at 12 FISEM advanced track sessions over two annual conferences within 3 years (some track sessions may be virtual)
  • Conduct three six hour documented field experiences with Registrar and Admissions offices at approved FACRAO campuses. Campuses must include one public four-year institution, one public community or state college and one private institution. A Field Experience Review of each visit will be required.

Exemption Sponsorship

Applications for candidates not meeting above criteria may be approved if sponsored by employee’s Enrollment Services Director, VP, Dean, College President, FACRAO President or former FACRAO President.


2012 Raphel Robinson – University of Central Florida
2012 Deborah Bradford – University of Central Florida
2012 Christy Pasnisin – University of Central Florida

2013 Nick Pantloni – University of Central Florida, Cocoa
2013 Thomas Silarek – University of Central Florida, South Lake
2013 Sheri Newble-Dunn – University of Central Florida, Daytona Beach
2013 Kristina Watkins – University of Tampa
2013 Marilyn Brislin – New College of Florida
2013 Kathy Voudry – University of Central Florida, Central Region
2013 Pamela Williams Gruen – University of Central Florida, Sanford/Lake Mary


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